Important Information

Where and when is camp? 

Camp WANA 2023 will be held at the Baptist Busselton Camping Centre on 10th, 11th and 12th November 2023.

(2pm Friday 10th - 2pm Sunday 12th).

Who can come to camp?

Camp is an open event - Friends, family, partners, and kids are welcome.  Please remember no; fighting, drugs, alcohol or being under the influence will be permitted.  WA NA ACTIVITIES COMMITTEE RESERVES THE RIGHT TO EJECT ANYONE WHO IS FIGHTING, IN POSSESION OF DRUGS OR UNDER THE INFLUENCE FROM THE PROPERY


Busselton Camping Centre is a smoke/vape free venue.  Smoking/vaping is only permitted at the front of property near the road.

What do I need to bring?

All bedding, pillows and towels. (Its compulsory to supply and fit a bottom sheet to cover the mattress).

Clothes, towels, toiletries, medication, mozzie spray, sun screen, phone charger, snacks, games, yoga mat and yourself.

How much is camp?

Full weekend with accommodation:

$85.00 Adults (12yrs+)

$65.00 Kids (3yrs+)

One night with accommodation:

$57.00 Adults (12yrs+)

$41.00 Kids (3yrs+)

Full weekend no accommodation:

$55.00 Adults (12yrs+)

$30.00 Kids (3yrs+)

One day no accommodation:

$35.00 Adults (12yrs+)

$20.00 Kids (3yrs+)

There is no charge for babies up to 2yrs. 

What is included in my registration?

Accommodation - If registered to stay nights.

Meals - Friday - Dinner.

Saturday - Breakfast,


  & Dinner.

Sunday - Breakfast & Lunch

Refreshments - Tea/Coffee/Milo 

Activities - All meetings and activities in the program.